Pitch Status:

Front: Open
Sand: Open
Juvenile 1: Open
Juvenile 2: Open
Training Area: Open
Indoor: Open
Teen Development Programme

Teen Development Programme

Our Teen Development Programme continues to run this week, Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th April. This time it will take place indoors, upstairs from 6-7pm. Tuesday = 13 & 14 year olds (2004, 2005) Thursday = 15 & 16 year olds (2002,...

Ráth Tó 7-17 Walterstown 0-8

Ratoath’s senior footballers recorded a convincing victory over Walterstown in this league game played in perfect conditions in Sean Eiffe park on Wednesday night, 10th May. The home side indicated their intent from the very start by scoring 2 goals in the...