Pitch Status:

Front: Open
Sand: Open
Juvenile 1: Open
Juvenile 2: Open
Training Area: Open
Indoor: Open

Ratoath/Rathbeggan Community Games Athletics, Track and Field events, Tuesday evening, 9th May at Ratoath AC Track, Jamestown, Ratoath. First race at 6pm. Gates open at 5.30pm.  Events from under U4 years to U16 years. 2 euros entry fee. Queries to 086 8466495

Time Nearside Track Farside Track ShotPutt Long Jump
06:00 Girls U8 60m Heats Girls U10 60mHurdles Heat Boys U14 Girls U14
06:05 Boys U8 60m Heats
06:10 Girls U8 60m Final Boys U10 60mH Heats
06:15 Boys U8 60m Final Girls U14 Boys U14
06:20 Girls U4 30m Final Girls U10 60mH Final
06:25 Boys U4 30m Final Boys U10 60mH Final
06:30 Girls U5 30m Final Girls U12
06:35 Boys U5 30m Final
06:40 Girls U6 60m Final
06:45 Boys U6 60m Final Boys U12
06:50 Girls U8 80m Heats Girls U14 80mHurdle Heat
06:55 Boys U8 80m Heats Boys U14 80mH Heats
07:00 Girls U8 80m Finals Girls U14 80mH Finals
07:05 Boys U8 80m Finals Boys U14 80mH Finals
07:10 Girls U10 100m Heats
07:15 Boys U10 100m Heats Girls and Boys U12 Ball Throw
07:20 Girls U10 100m Final at 2 stations
07:25 Boys U10 100m Final (3 THROWS BEST
07:30 Girls U12 100m Heats MEASURED)
07:40 Boys U12 100m Heats
07:45 Girls U14 100m Heats These are approximate times only, events may run ahead or behind time
07:50 Boys U14 100m Heats Be there well before your event time.
07:55 Girls U12 100m Finals Children must be under the age as of 31st July, 2017
08:00 Boys U12 100m Finals Competing Children must be from Ratoath/Rathbeggan Area
08:05 Girls U14 100m Finals
08:10 Boys U14 100m Finals
08:15 Girls U16 100m Straight Final
08:20 Boys U16 100m Straight Final                           Time Nearside Track
08:25 Girls U10 200m Final 08:45 Boys U12 600m Final
08:30 Boys U10 200m Final 08:50 Girls U14 800m Final
08:35 Boys and Girls U16 200m Final 08:50 Boys U14 800m Final
08:40 Girls U12 600m Final 08:55 Boys and Girls U16 1500m