Ratoath GAA Intermediate Football 7’s Rules

  1. The competition is a one day tournament run of the eve of the All Ireland Football final
  2. Entry to the competition is by invitation only.
  3. The competition shall be confined to registered GAA clubs
  4. The competition shall be organised by Ratoath GAA.
  5. A panel of official referees will be drawn up by the organising committee
  6. A duplicate list of 10 players shall be supplied to the referee before commencement of the first game. Listed players only may be used for the remainder of the competition. Goal Keeper will be identified by wearing a bib at all times, rather than Goalkeeper’s Jersey.
  7. Any team fielding 10 minutes late is subject to disqualification, subject to the decision of the official in charge of the ground
  8. Should there be a clash of colours, one side, on the toss of a coin, shall change to an alternative colour or wear bibs supplied by the Organising Committee
  9. The competition shall be run as per the final official schedule, which will be distributed on the morning of the games. Ten minutes play each half and three minutes half time break shall apply this also applies in the main competition final.
  10. Pitch Size is : 90 mts /45 mts.
  11. The competition shall be run on a group basis proceeding to knock-out stages
  12. If teams finish level on points, score differences will determine the group winner. If score differences are the same, the team with the highest score FOR is the winner
  13. In the event of a draw in a knock out game, a penalty shoot out shall take place
  14. Penalty shoot out : Using three different players, each team takes three penalties in turn. If scores remain level, sudden death penalties will be taken by the remaining players until a result is achieved – only Goals can be scored.
  15. In the event of a draw in the final, five minutes extra time each way will be played. If the sides remain level, a penalty shootout shall apply- only goals can be scored.
  16. Unlimited substitution from the centre point of either sideline can be made during stoppages and with the consent of the referee. A player coming on will hand a baton to the player coming off. The baton shall not be thrown from one player to the other.
  17. Referees are required to submit a report after each game to the organising committee. A copy of all reports and team lists shall be submitted to the Games Administration Committee within five days of the tournament
  18. Any matter of dispute shall be dealt with by the Organising Committee and any decision of the Organising Committee including any decision that may contradict these rules shall be final and binding on all parties
  19. Normal GAA rules apply in all cases ( e.g. a player sent off may not be replaced for the rest of the game etc )
  20. Any player who receives a straight red card is ineligible to play for the remainder of the tournament. The issue of the red card to the player will be reported to his County Board.”
  21. Back passes are allowed in the Ratoath Football Sevens tournament