Pitch Status:

Front: Open
Sand: Open
Juvenile 1: Open
Juvenile 2: Open
Training Area: Open
Indoor: Open

The Royal Rumble – launch night 9th February 2018 in the Clubhouse

The club is running a joint fundraiser with Donaghmore/Ashbourne. 15 Ratoath boxers will go up against 15 Ashbourne boxers. Our players from all four codes will be boxing.

The boxing event is been held in Ashbourne Clubhouse on the 24th of March.

To whet our appetites and find out just who’s donning the gloves on behalf of Ratoath, we will hold a launch night in Ratoath Clubhouse on the 9th of February at 8pm, with interviews, sponsors, Finger Food and great fun!

Please support this night out and get behind those brave enough to take up the mantle for your club, our club!