Our newly formed U9 team began their Autumn Camógie participation league campaign away to Kiltale on Monday. For some of the players it was their first time to play in an outdoor game. After a few minutes getting used to the sliothar sticking in the mud on a heavy pitch, great effort, striking and tackling was evident, from both teams. The play tended to move towards the goal down the hill in each half, with Ratoath defending more in the first half playing up the hill, and attacking more in the second half down the hill. With a turnout of 17 players from the squad, all the girls played at least a full half in the match. Some fingers got stung, but everyone finished out the match in good health. At U9, Go Games rules means match scores are not kept, so here are some pictures from the match instead.

Sometimes the action was fast and furious, sometimes less so…

20160914-away-to-kiltale-2 20160914-away-to-kiltale-3

but everyone was still smiling after the match…20160914-away-to-kiltale

Thank you for all the support from the grown-ups on the sideline, it is appreciated, on what was a dark, wet evening for an away weekday match. Hopefully, you brought the right child home, it was hard to tell them apart at the end covered in mud.